Sunday, March 1, 2009

32 weeks (8 MONTHS!)

I'm officially at the beginning of my eighth month of pregnancy, so we're closing in, folks!

This week was a lot better than the one before. I got some sleep, am less emotional, and haven't been as congested. I am having some headaches lately that are pretty killer, but I think it is maybe my sinuses. I am also having to slow down a lot more than I expected, because if I run more than two consecutive errands you would think I just tried to run a 5K with an elephant strapped to my belly.

We met our doula yesterday, and I think she will do just fine. She is pretty young but has attended 13 births, and had lots of great questions and suggestions that I hadn't really thought of. She is also perfectly fine to help out as much or as little as we want, either running around as an extra set of hands or knitting in the corner until we need her. I FINALLY signed up for childbirth preparation classes, too...but they don't start until the end of March. I'll be 36 weeks along, which is one week before the baby is considered "full-term". Better late than never?

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