Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy Surprises!

Tonight I had a meeting for the Ann Arbor Junior League, which I joined right before I found out I was pregnant. I've had a lot of fun getting to know new ladies and having a way to contribute to the community as they do a lot of fundraising and other aid to numerous local non-profits, but today I wanted to skip the meeting and sleep on the couch. I'm so glad I didn't!

When I showed up things seemed a little more disjointed than they normally are, and I noticed the agenda for the meeting was shorter than usual. I figured out why when during our "Ice Breaker" session two of the ladies toted out a huge gift bag and a cake! They all pitched in and bought us a baby monitor (YAY!!), some baby toys, and a few other little necessities like baby wash and cloth diapers. They didn't even know about the scooting up of the arrival- so they must have great timing! I love having such great women all around to support us!

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Tiffany said...

That is great. It always pays to do stuff that you know you should but dont want to!