Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Yet another reason to fly Southwest

The Rapping Flight Attendant - Watch more Funny Videos

I love this!

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beverly.mccall said...

Just caught up the blogs and FINALLY have flights booked . . . or on hold. I have to make my way to the airport tomorrow before noon to confirm my flights and to use the credit that Aunt Pat donated to the cause . . . cause you are four weeks earlier than expected on delivery and cause I have yet to get this accomplished. However, mom will be there with bells on, you can count on that. I read the blogs aloud for Nick and Alton, who were in the office with me today, as the children are on spring break here. Lucky for you, U of M and Bryant School District's timing for baby's delivery and spring break means that I am traveling alone and not with six passengers. I loved the grey dress and whew! . . .you (both) look great in it. Nick sends his love. PS You were right ... I suck at keeping secrets. Ha ha hahahaha. We like the third name best. Love you and David and Dr. Peanut . . . and see you Sunday!