Monday, March 23, 2009

7 days to go...

I'm trying really hard to take advantage of this whole knowing-the-approximate-birthday-ahead-of-time thing. So I'm making lists of things I should do now while I get ready for Dr. Peanut. Today's list was:

Drop off donations at the salvation army - CHECK!
Vacuum out the car- err...not checked
Go to the hospital for non-stress test - CHECK
Find out more information about the induction - CHECK- We'll be admitted on Sunday night after all
Schedule last appointment with doula- CHECK
Get random last minute things from Target - CHECK
Finally return the snowpants I fixed for a friend's daughter - CHECK

Not on the list but still felt a sense of accomplishment:

Find a baby bag
Find a potential replacement for our red couch
Have first noticeable and recorded contraction

At least now I can say I've felt contractions, and this one was all by itself in the middle of the morning when I was having my non stress test. It was not that bad, but I realize they gradually bring you to your knees as labor progresses. At least now I'll know what I'm looking for. I also spent most of my day waddling around trying to get things done, just in case it helped me progress at all.

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