Friday, March 23, 2007

6 working days left...and counting

So from time to time my boss will pop some popcorn and sit it on my desk for everyone to enjoy. Usually I eat a lot of it, but it happened to get a little burned, and so I have been able to control myself well.

When my coworker (the one who likes tuna and mayo) saw the popcorn, she said "I hate when she brings that stuff in." She proceeds to walk to my desk and grab a little.

Then she sits down, eats it, and comes back for a little more.

This repeats until she finally gives in and gets a bowl so she can save herself a trip or two.

She has refilled this bowl 4 times now.

"See.." she says between crunches and wheezes. "I told you I was going to end up eating it all. That's why I hate when she makes it."

It takes all that I am to not say "Then stop coming back to my desk."

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