Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Cue Lou Reed song....

I have had the most perfect day today. The sun was out and shining for my morning commute. I went for an interview that went smashingly, if I do say so...I made it on time, did well, was invited back to shadow someone in that position, and wore a new black suit! I came home and had the best lunch (bbq chicken pizza that I made last night and a chocolate and peanut butter chip cookie). Then I went to the lady doctor and although that wasn't the best experience, all is well in the reproductive department. I went home and took a little nap with Jack, and I'm on my way to hang out with some people from my church. Its still sunny, the snow is starting to melt again, and next week it is going to be in the 50's one day. That's really warm to me now. (Kinda sad)

It has definitely been a day with a thousand little tiny things that add up to a great day...but I knew today would be good before I left the house. You want to know why?

I used the last of my toothpaste, the last Crest White Strips, and emptied the bag of cotton swabs into the clear container and threw away the bag.

Nothing brings me more satisfaction than using the rest of a product, and I mean all of it, and then throwing away the empty container. It is a small sense of accomplishment. AND, I then get to go out and buy a new product. New shampoo? Different brand of Mascara? Another toothpaste flavor?

Well, lets not get crazy or anything. If our toothpaste doesn't taste minty, we have to buy new toothpaste.

Dave thinks cinnamon flavor is actually red-hot flavor, and the two are not synonyms. It makes him gag and yell about things.

I think Orange and Vanilla and Tutti Frutti and Bubble Gum flavored things taste wrong. Unholy. Immoral. It makes me chuck them in the garbage unused. And that makes me feel wasteful.

There has only been one time where I smelled a non-mint flavor on someone else's breath and thought YUMMY!

She was eating starbursts. I can't do that every morning. I am prone to cavities. It'd be unwise.

Anyway, I am about to go hang out with people and hopefully run this perfect day right on into a perfect night. I hope you are all having perfect days of your own, filled with the little things (like sonic cherry vanilla cokes and clean sheets and whatever it is that makes you shine) that make you sing Lou Reed. If you haven't heard his version of "Perfect Day", you should. Unless your depressed. Because for some reason if I hear it happy I become happier, but if I hear it sad, It can make you depressed. Way, way depressed.

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