Friday, March 2, 2007


Since marrying David I have listened to National Public Radio at least 5 mornings a week. A lot of times I totally zone out (their voices are so soothing, even talking about tragedy in the middle east) but sometimes I listen and am enlightened. But David is absolutely hooked. He knows the shows, can tell you about the hosts and which ones are's really funny. I feel older and way nerdy when I listen to NPR, but I've grown to like some of the shows and segments, especially the stories about other peoples lives. Hearing NPR makes life seem calm and uncomplicated.

NPR has also brought out a quality in my husband that is the nerdiest thing to date that I know about him and at the same time is absolutely precious to me. We'll be driving along on the last work day of the week, about to pull up to the building I work in and I'll see him get all excited...

"YESSS! It's Science Friday!"


The statement alone is hilarious, but wait. It's better. Science Friday is his FAVORITE segment on NPR. It only comes on Friday, and they talk about new technology, scientific findings, stuff. How nerdy/adorable is that? Can't you just see a skinny 10 year old genious child who rebuilds all the electrical appiances in his room for fun with messed up hair and big glasses run up to you and say

"YESSS! It's Science Friday!"

Because I'm pretty sure that will be our son. And my contribution to this child? He will talk incessantly about why Science Friday is so cool, and then change his mind and tell you why, instead, Technology Tuesday is better or Medicine Monday or some other made up segment that he could CHANGE THE FACE OF NPR with....and then he'll change his mind again and start talking about polishing rocks or building volcanoes or programming robots. David's brains and my incessant and random chattering.

I'll never find childcare. Oh well. It's SCIENCE FRIDAY!

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