Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Gossages Do Michigan, too

Tammy, Daddy, Nicki, and Jesse all loaded up their car on Friday evening and drove 14 hours (they made great time!) up to see me. Well, me and Elliott, I guess if you're being picky. But mostly me. They got here around 10am Saturday morning and spent the next three days soaking up as much Nicki time (and I guess Elliott time too) as they possibly could.

But seriously, I could have not been here at all and I think it would have taken them a minute to notice. I can't compete with the chubby cheeks on this baby. I just can't.It was a really fun visit for me. Like I mentioned earlier, poor David had to handcuff himself to his laptop so that he could work on the prize-winning presentation he gave yesterday, so he was only a part of the festivities that included food. We still managed to make a trip to the HUGE Cabela's store in a nearby town, drag Daddy and Jesse around the mall, and spend some time just hanging out around the house. My family learned a few lessons too. Important things, like
  • Always trust Nicki when she suggests appetizers with cheese. I know my cheese guys.
  • Never trust Jesse with a blow-dart gun when doves live on your patio.
  • Wasabi takes a second to kick in. Even when it's coated in chocolate.
  • The guy with long hair like Daddy's is actually a woman.
  • Arcades still exist! Who knew?
  • The cage free eggs that I buy won't last two days with my brother around. Even when he thinks they are inferior to Arkansas Eggs.
  • Nicole will judge all other Victoria's Secret stores, and the local manager and her will be politely hostile to each other.
  • Random people in Sporting Goods stores will ask if they can hold your tiny infant. Nicole will look at them like they are crazy and tell them "no".
  • If you have your overweight dog on a diet, your family will break all of the rules (no dogs on the couch, 2/3 cup of food twice a day, no people food) because they feel bad for him.
I had so much fun and Elliott is slowly getting used to mistreatment like sitting in the swing and sleeping in his bassinet. I was really sad when it was time for everyone to leave and although I thought I would be comforting Nicki and Tammy, I watched them drive away and bawled for twenty minutes. Then I put a funny hat on Elliott and felt a little better.More pictures are here. Enjoy!


Nicole said...

So that hat is fantastic! I dont think that Elliot thinks so but he is far too young to make these kind of decisions. He might be saying "mom, you gotta pull it together with my clothes!" lol. I had so much fun and I cant wait to come back!

Tiffany said...

Glad you had a good visit! Dont you love how family spoils the baby?! Love the hat but I am not sure what Elliott thinks about it...