Tuesday, May 12, 2009

So that Lizzy has something to do at work...

Sorry that I took a little break. The Gossage family made the long drive up to Michigan for my first Mother's day (which was truly awesome) and I've been quite busy. And Elliott has gone without touching the ground, bed, swing, or couch for three days, so now I'm trying to wean him from the idea of sleeping only in someone's arms. My little boy is trying really hard to outgrow his newborn diapers (I still have almost a whole package- so he will have to squeeze into them for another few days) and his newborn sized clothes, which makes me sad for some reason. Not that we don't have a lot of really cute stuff in the next size already, but I'm not ready to retire the things I brought him home from the hospital in yet, so I'm trying to stuff his chubby little self in those too. He's even getting too big for some of the swaddling blankets we've been using, and although I know he's six weeks old today, he still feels way too brand new to have outgrown anything. I'm in denial already about how fast babies grow.

Tonight I took him to a junior league meeting, which was interesting to say the least. When it would have been perfectly acceptable for him to coo and make noise, he slept sweetly in the carrier I wore. Once the meeting started, however, I discovered that although I packed a bottle so I could avoid the awkward dance of undressing in public without flashing strangers, I did not bring a nipple. So unless I was going to pour it down his throat, the bottle was completely worthless. We went to the bathroom and I went to change his diaper before I fed him and noticed the tiny diaper he was crammed into had not exactly served its purpose, so I had to change his outfit (which resulted in much screaming). I nursed him afterward and he promptly spit up all over the clean outfit. We danced around the lobby until I thought he was asleep and tried to sneak back into the meeting, but all of the clapping kept him alert and awake. After the meeting (FINALLY) adjourned, several women came up to me to comment on how easy I made it look and how good he was, but I felt like a one-woman circus act during most of the meeting.

We went to pick up David after the meeting let out, and the poor guy has been working non-stop all weekend on the presentation he gave today. He climbed into the car and handed me a small piece of paper, which was a check he was given as a reward for his awesome presentation skills. I'm so proud of him! Go David! I'll post about our weekend with the Gossages tomorrow when I've had a chance to download the pictures, but the best part was seeing my 6 foot 4 inch Daddy holding my tiny little boy and being totally at ease with his grandson.
Nicki=mushy mommy blob.


Nicole said...

You know, as cute as he is in pictures, he is way more perfect than I expected in person. Oh I wanted to show Richard that little french girl...link please.

Blenda said...

Nicki you crack me up reading your stories....I just laugh out loud! You are so right about how fast they grow up!! It is just amazing, he will be graduating soon LOL! I had wondered what had happend to you, I kept checking and no new stuff from you...He is adorable and YES Chubby!

Aunt B

Nicki said...

The link to the video is http://vimeo.com/2113477. The website is having some issues right now I think, but its http://capucha.tumblr.com.