Monday, May 18, 2009

Letting my baby Grow

I've finally given in and taken the tags off of a few of the 0-3 month sized clothes that have hung on the "big boy" side of Elliott's closet. We were going to meet David and a few of his friends downtown for dinner on Friday night, and I thought I would dress him in something that looked less cutesy and more like a normal outfit. This is only because our friend Phil has recently commented that I "need to pull it together" with dressing Elliott, because I know there are only a few months of putting crazy hats and shoes on him before he learns to pull them back off again. I brought him to a picnic a couple of weeks ago wearing a dinosaur outfit with a bib that said "Snuggle saurus" and booties that had rattles attached to them. Granted, the outfit wasn't something I would have put him in to have his picture made or anything, but they are BABY CLOTHES. The crew from What Not To Wear isn't waiting around the corner to throw Ell into a three way mirror and mock his choice of attire or anything. But it was the day after Phil had also seen me put him in a onesie that said "Mommy Rules" and lime green argyle leg warmers, and so I'm sure he thought I was losing it a little. Whatever Phil.

Anyway, I brought him in the outfit you see above. The blue polo was made by Aunt Nicki and her friend and has an "E" on the chest, Laverne and Shirley-style. The tennis shoes looked like little Converse sneakers, too. However, it was raining and cold when we finally got downtown, and I put the green funny hat on him to keep his head warm and dry. It was the only one in the diaper bag, and honestly- I don't care. It's my baby and I can dress him as weirdly as I want to.
This shirt was made by Aunt Nicki, too! It's a gumball machine!

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Nicki said...

Its soo cute on him!!!! I would dress him however you want to! He is your baby!