Thursday, May 14, 2009

More presents!!!

This came in the mail for me today! Thank you so much Wheelers! I tried it out and it's great! It even came with a couple of pretty burp cloths (as a bonus?). Now I don't have to worry about flashing strangers in public when Elliott gets hungry, because honestly-The blanket-over-the-shoulder only works as long as they aren't thrashing their arms around to show you just how STARVING they are. And for us, that was about two weeks.

When my family was visiting this weekend my brother would figure out what I was doing and avert his eyes to anything else in the room. I finally asked him if it made him uncomfortable, and he said "Yeah". Then I asked if he thought I should feed him somewhere else, and when he said yeah to that, we made him go hang out on the balcony. I may be a grown-up now, but I'm still a big sister and I have to be mean somehow, right?

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