Sunday, June 7, 2009

Computer goes on strike

I realize that this is the time when you want to type in the address to this website and see adorable pictures of Elliott. Unfortunately that isn't going to happen just yet because Picasa, the program I use for those pictures, is protesting for some reason. Too many pictures? Poor photography, perhaps? I don't know, but here is where you can imagine three pictures of Elliott crying because I have forced him to wear a hat that he hates.

*Picture of Elliott crying in the green funny hat*
*Picture of Elliott crying in the adorable baseball cap I bought him*
*Picture of Elliott crying in his bathing suit and denim bucket hat*
Theme: Elliott hates hats. Or the hats I pick out, anyway.

This weekend has been awesome. Friday David went out with the guys, and I was going to join them but instead stayed at home with Elliott and knitted and watched Arrested Development and ate cake instead. It was a much needed low-key evening.

Yesterday was especially exciting. I woke up at 9:55 to realize that I had planned on going to another Mom's group at 10. Luckily it was being held across the hallway from our apartment by a neighbor and some of her church friends so I was able to get us dressed and be there in 30 seconds. We had coffee and bagels from the local farmer's market and then went over to our community pool for swimming. Well, we didn't swim. I would have gotten in with Elliott but for some reason it wasn't heated and Elliott screamed when I put his toes in the chilly water. His cute little wetsuit stayed quite dry, and he slept on a beach towel while I visited with some of the other moms. That afternoon David and I drove to Lansing. I got a pretty sweet "push present", but I'll show you as soon as the computer stops being rebellious. Then we went to dinner at Cheddar's, a restaurant we had in college station with LEGENDARY spinach dip. David seemed unimpressed, but I would drive an hour to Lansing again for that dip. YUM.

Today we went to church for the first time as a family of three (I know, we took our time), and Elliott slept through the whole service (Thank you Jesus! Seriously). This was wonderful since I didn't really feel comfortable feeding him in the church pew and I didn't know where the "crying room" was in this church, and in the rush to make it there on time I didn't have a thawed bottle ready for him. Turns out that it was no big deal anyway.

I'll try to work on pictures tomorrow.

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