Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sorry for the silence

Me and Elliott on the first day of school/work

This week has been super busy. Elliott and I both went back to preschool this week, and I have been working with the mobile infant group while carrying Elliott in a carrier. Thank goodness it is only part-time, because I can't say multitasking this way is easy. Luckily when he is snuggled in the carrier he sleeps almost the whole time, but in the brief moments that he is awake, he seems very interested in his surroundings. I also am still able to continue breastfeeding him without having to bother with pumping every day, but this has been slightly awkward at times. Today we went to the far corner of the playground to let him eat, and 4 two-year-olds followed me, curious about the baby.

"What are you doing?" Easy enough to answer. "Feeding my baby."
"What is he eating?" Also easy. "Milk. I make it for him."
"He eat it from your tummy?" Close enough. "Yep."

Then a new kid wandered up.
"Why is he EATING YOU?" I had to work really hard at not laughing at this innocent question. Really hard.

It's also been pretty tiring, since I can't really set him down the whole morning, because since he isn't officially enrolled in the school the rest of the staff can't help to care for him due to insurance issues or something. However, another mom started her son at Peachtree on Monday too, and I can tell it has both been a pretty hard transition for both of them. I couldn't ask for a better situation, even if I do need some motrin in the afternoon.

Cooing to the baby in the rearview mirror on the way home from school

Waiting for the Pediatrician before he got his shots
We also checked out a Mom's group through the Ann Arbor Lamaze Center today. For the first half, Ell was happy and cooing at the lights and other babies in the group. Towards the end he got a little fussy, but in a room of nine other new moms with wailing babies we didn't really stick out. It was nice to ask questions about local restaurants, compare where to buy diapers, talk about breastfeeding, and share tips with other local moms. Some of the babies were a little older than Ell and some were eensie tiny ones, but I've decided to join the group.
Enjoying the company at our Mom's group

After such a long day though, Elliott and I both need a serious nap, so I'm going to get on that.

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