Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Three Months

Dear Elliott,

You turned 13 weeks old today, and since this is a month without a 31st, we'll call that three months instead. This month we went (back) to Peachtree Montessori Preschool- I went as a teacher and you went as my joey (that's a baby kangaroo, in case you didn't know). That was one of the perks/stipulations of my return, and no one else can really touch you at this point. I mostly wear a sling and stuff you in it, but a few days in I petitioned for a crib to put you in since you immediately fall asleep in the sling. Not only are you a toasty little accessory, but it's crazy hard to pick up a flailing, screaming two-year old with you strapped to me. I'd like to rave about the stimulation you get, but I'd be lying. The only time you seem to be awake while I work is when you wake up to eat (10 am and 12 pm). Then you are out again.Feeding you has been interesting, since you are still exclusively breastfed and since I'm right there we have no need for bottles and pumps. However, the children that are in your school are very curious and pretty much all of them have lifted up your nursing cover and either asked what you were doing or stated proudly "He's eating you." It's a little weird-I won't lie. But it would also be weird to treat them like they had walked in on me in the bathroom, so I just calmly ask them to "Give Elliott space, please" or "Don't throw toys at us" or "He doesn't like when you put your fingers in his eyes/ears/nose/mouth". I'm growing in patience more every day.
We had a couple of adventures this month too. I had a couple of friends watch you for a couple of hours so I could get out of the house, although it was pretty hard to leave you for even a little while. I also decided in a moment of utter stupidity that I would go downtown with you to meet some friends and took the stroller rather than the car. We walked over 2 miles each way, and I kept you out too late. We got home sore, exhausted, and I'm pretty sure your Daddy thought I'd lost my mind. Maybe I had, but I found it about a mile into the walk again, and I assure you that we will have wheels beneath us if we venture more than 5 blocks away from home.
We've watched you hit some pretty fun milestones, like smiling, laughing, and cooing. You love to be talked to, played with, and sung to. You tolerate tummy time like a champ and charm everyone that meets you. You seem to have an awesome disposition most of the time and are such a cute, chubby, happy little boy. You wake up smiling and go to sleep smiling- but you occasionally lose it and need a little help getting settled. I do realize that I'm the same way- so I'm happy to help you out when you need it.

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