Friday, June 12, 2009

Flying Solo

The computer is still refusing to cooperate. I promise I'm trying.

I think I mentioned that David left for Raleigh yesterday around noon. So far Elliott has gone easy on me, sleeping pretty well last night and most of the morning at preschool. We came home and I intended to nap, but instead I tried to get the computer to upload new pictures. Obviously that was a fruitless few hours.

Ann Arbor has a summer festival called Top of the Park that started tonight, so Elliott and I met up with a few friends for some free entertainment and overpriced food. It was really nice to meet up with our friends, even though it took about two hours to get us out the door and I accidentally parked 1/2 a mile away from our destination. We stayed until about 10, when Elliott started to get a little fussy. I woke him up once we got there (no need for him to sleep through the whole ordeal only to wake up once I got ready to try to get some rest) and he happily stayed awake for the rest of the concert. He seemed very interested in the trees and people around him- and hopefully he will sleep well tonight after so much fresh air and evening activity (*fingers crossed*). Tomorrow we are going on a "play date" with a friend of mine with a son who is a year older than Elliott. Again, I doubt Elliott will get much from the outing, but I'm looking forward to reconnecting with my friend now that I'm a mom too.

So, I guess the point is we're doing alright solo so far. But we miss Daddy.

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