Thursday, June 11, 2009


Last night was pretty rough- it was one of the first nights that I can actually say we struggled getting Elliott to sleep. I've heard of parents walking the halls, shushing and bouncing their screaming babies, but I hadn't had to do it with Elliott. We could just swaddle him, turn on the sleep sheep (we like the rain sounds, too) and as long as he was fed and changed he was out. Not so last night. I finally gave up and let him sleep beside me at around 12:45? 1a.m? I can't remember. He didn't sleep soundly after that either. Kicking and grunting and arching his back reminded me of maybe what it would be like to stuff, say, a rabid racoon into a drawstring sack and try to snuggle with it. Needless to say we got little rest.

We also had our mother's group today, and although it was tempting to just go home and try to nap, the topic of discussion was to be sleeping and crying- so it seemed wise to go. Unfortunately, the consensus was either A) Things are great but we don't know what we are doing to make them that way and please God don't let me jinx us by saying that or B) OHMYGOSHIHAVEN'TSLEPTSINCETHESECONDTRIMESTER, I watched mommies trickle in from the rain, straining under the weight of the infant carrier with their sleeping babies and looking either half dead or manic with sleep deprivation. One such mom was greeted as she sat down and in response to "How are you and Kadin doing?" promptly started crying. I passed the plate of brownies that another lady had brought because, sister, I feel you. I was doing the same thing on Monday.

Luckily, Elliott is sleeping in his bassinet now, so we are already doing better than we were at this time last night. And hopefully he goes easy on me, as this is my first night flying solo since David is gone for the weekend to visit his friend Prachi in North Carolina.
Oh you want to sleep? That's cute.

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