Saturday, June 13, 2009

Still a coward

I went to a friend's house tonight for a get together where they were going to play Nintendo Wii (which I really wanted to try out), grill, and end the night watching a movie on their projection screen. Elliott and I hung out and met another baby his age, I tried my hand at Wii tennis and bowling, and then they started the 80's classic, the Labyrinth (with David Bowie) as the sun started to set.

Can I just say that aside from the awful makeup that Bowie sports during the movie, that movie is enough to make me wonder if I'm having a nightmare or if someone slipped me some strange hallucinogenic drug. I'm pretty sure I'll have dreams about the little goblins in the first few scenes.

It got a little chilly and pretty late, so I decided to take Elliott home. We got halfway to the car and I realized there were no streetlights where I had parked. I turned around and made someone walk me to my car. I made it sound like I was trying to protect myself from a potential mugger, but I'm really afraid that a creepy muppet will jump out of the shadows any minute now. The worst part is that I realized that when Elliott starts hiding under the covers from monsters in the closet, I'll be huddled under there with him while David investigates.

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